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S u m m e r   R e f r e s h

As St Michael’s Church, we want to take time out through August to pause and be refreshed and rested, before refocussing ourselves come September.
Have a look below to find out about our Refresh Services, Sunday Lunches and Summer Festivals.

   •   Renew   •   Relax   •   Restore   •   Reconnect   •   Refocus   • 

Make space each week to tune into our online Refresh Services each Sunday.

We pray that as you take time to pause and rest this Summer, you will find refreshment for your heart, mind and soul, and that we will be renewed and reinvigorated in our walk with Jesus.

You can access these services via the button below.

 •   Renew   •   Relax   •   Restore   •   Reconnect   •   Refocus   • 

Enjoy connecting with our church
 family and friends over a picnic 
and reflection outside in the
 church garden.

Our reflections will be following the Worship in the Woods resource and suitable for people of all ages.

We would love for you to spend time with us over Sunday lunch! Please bring your own picnic and a garden chair/picnic blanket!

Sundays from 12-1pm in the church garden.