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ChurchSuite is a safe, central online hub where you can access church events, groups, and rotas with ease, as well as being in control of your own details and personal data. It also enables you to communicate with church members easily and find the details you need if permission is given.

ChurchSuite is not accessible to the public, only to church members who have been approved in the system.

Go on the internet and visit

On the top right of the page, click log in. It may ask for your email/username, or for your church.

If it says “Search for Your Church” type in St Michael’s Chester.

If it asks for your email address/username, simply type in the one you signed up with.

Your name will appear, with ‘My ChurchSuite‘ written underneath your name. Click it, then enter your password.
(Can’t remember your password? Click the button underneath, or contact Rob or Ken and we’ll reset it for you)

Click next and you’ll find yourself in ChurchSuite!

This is the home page. On the left you will see a menu bar which we will walk through in a moment.

Under Featured Events, you will see the next church events that are coming up. You can click an event to find out more information, or sign up.

Down at the bottom of the page, you will see your name with your details beneath. If you want to edit your details, simply click the pencil in the grey circle next to your name. There, you can edit any of your details, just make sure you press save changes at the top or bottom of the screen after doing so.

At the bottom right, you will also see My Communication where you will see a list of the latest emails you have received from ChurchSuite – rota reminders and alike.

Let’s walk through the menu on the left hand side. Signing in on a phone? Check the top right of your screen.

My Communication – The latest messages that have been sent to you via ChurchSuite, such as rota reminders.

My Details – Edit what personal information the church can access, as well as your login details, privacy settings (Decide if people see your address, telephone/mobile number, or email address), and communication (Decide if you want to receive emails)

My Children – If you have children in the church, you can add them here!

My Events – Access the calendar and search for events to find more information. You can click to find out more. Under ‘My Events’ you will find events that you have signed up for.

My Groups – Sign up to a stream group here, and find out more information about your stream group. Simply click for more information, and click ‘sign up’ if you would like to join a group.

My Rotas – Here you can see when you are next serving on a rota, add your unavailability in advance of future rotas and, view full rotas that you are part of.

Search For Others – Find other people from church to contact them.

Let’s dig deeper into the realm of My Rotas.

Next Serving: First you will come across “My Serving” displaying several of your upcoming rota allocations. You will also see a little white box with your name in it next to Next Serving – if a member of your household is on a rota, click that and you can access their rota too. Click see more for a full list of your rota allocations. Click on any rota for that complete up to date rota, and after having done so, if you would like to email everyone on your rota, click “Email Rota” on the top right. (Click My Rotas on the menu on the Left Hand Side to head back to the rotas section).

Unavailability: Scroll down from Next Serving to see Unavailability. On the right hand side, click the green ovular +Unavailability button. If you would like not to be included on a rota on certain dates (eg if you are on holiday), input the dates that you are unavailable for and you will not be added to the rota on those dates.

Rotas: Head back to the My Rotas page again and scroll past unavailability. There, you may see a list of rotas with ‘All Rotas’ at the bottom. Click a specific rota and you will see the whole rota. By clicking All Rotas and, at the top, selecting a date an a service, you will see every rota for that specific day. For example, on Sunday xnd November, you will see the Stewarding, Leading, Preaching, Refreshments, Music etc rotas.
(Note, you will see the rotas for every service that Sunday unless you specify otherwise at the top).

Creating A Rota: On the right of the last Rotas section, you will see a green ovular box with +Rotas. Click it, and work through each of the fields to create your rota. Underneath, you can add and edit members of your rota. Click Save Changes when you are done to start adding people onto your new rota.
(If you can’t see this button and are in charge of a rota, contact Rob or Ken and then will add you as an overseer of a rota)