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Mwantalasha Village Education Project

Saving Lives Through Alternate Options (Z) Ltd.

We are working through Victor Chabala, the father of one of our former curates, Patches Chabala. Victor lives in Mwantalasha Village just outside the Zambian capital Lusaka. The economic situation, family breakdown and the AIDS/HIV epidemic has resulted in many children being unable to attend school, get an education and break the cycle of poverty into which they were born.

Members of the congregation, as well as other members of the charity, donate the equivalent of £10 a month which is sufficient to pay the school fees and requisites, a meal at lunchtime and a new school uniform each year. In addition one-off gifts are used to provide for well-being, support and benefit, directly or indirectly, of children in the program.

By the end of Term 2 2020, we expect to have 66 children in the program.

Dave and Lorraine Cawley

SLAO Ambassadors
Dave and Lorraine are the founders of this charity.

GoFundMe – we will receive 100% of whatever is donated. GoFundMe will ask for a donation for their costs which starts at 10%, but you can click on ‘Other’ and enter £0.00