sunday morning sermons from 2012

 30-12-2012 – The Boy Jesus (Rob Peters) Download

 23-12-2012 – The Blessing of Believing (Christine Blackmore) Download

 9-12-2012 – Prepare! (Julie Ellison) Download

 2-12-2012 – Watch and Pray (David Blackmore) Download

 25-11-2012 – Christ the King (Rev Alan Ward) Download

 18-11-2012 – Dangerous Deceptions (Rob Peters) Download

 11-11-2012 – Remembrance Sunday (Rob Peters) Download

 28-10-2012 – A Reject is Restored (Christine Blackmore) Download

 21-10-2012 – Demanding Disciples (David Blackmore) Download

 14-10-2012 [pm] – Personal Journey Through Colossians (Tim Peters) Download

 14-10-2012 [am] – What Saddened a Man? (Rob Peters) Download

 7-10-2012 – Harvest Thanksgiving (Rob Peters) Download

 30-9-2012 – Get Giving Right (Rob Peters) Download

23-9-2012 – A Child Speaks (Rachel Bathurst) Download

 16-9-2012 – Self Control (Paul North) Download

 9-9-2012 – Stones in a Wall (Anne De Reybekill) Download

 2-9-2012 – Taking the Plunge (Rob Peters) Download

 19-8-2012 – Distinctly Christian (Chris Blunt) Download

 12-8-2012 – Run for Your Life (Rob Peters) Download

 5-8-2012 – Waterproof (Rob Peters) Download

 22-7-2012 – Jesus, Our Ministry (David Blackmore) Download 

 15-7-2012 – Jesus, Our Lifestyle (Rob Peters) Download

 8-7-2012 – Transform (Helen Lee) Download

 1-7-2012 – One in Heart and Mind (David Shepherd) Download

  24-6-2012 – Jesus, Our Fullness (Rob Peters) Download 

 17-6-2012 – Paul’s Conversion (Olive Frost) Download

 10-6-2012 – Jesus, Our Rock (Christine Blackmore) Download

3-6-2012 – Queen’s Jubilee Service (Rob Peters) Download

 27-5-2012 – Pentecost Sunday (Alan Lowe) Download

 20-5-2012 – Confident Christianity: Jesus, Our Lord (David Blackmore) Download

 13-5-2012 – Confident Christianity: Jesus, Our Confidence (Rob Peters) Download

 6-5-2012 – I Am the Bread of Life (Darren Gerrish) Download

 29-4-2012 – Peter Speaks to the Jewish Elders (David Shepherd) Download

 22-4-2012 – Peter Speaks to the Crowd (Rob Peters) Download

 8-4-2012 – Easter Sunday (David Blackmore) Download

 6-4-2012 – Good Friday (Patches Chabala) Download

 1-4-2012 – Palm Sunday  (Rob Peters) Download

 25-3-2012 – We Would Like to See Jesus  (Rachel Bathurst) Download

 11-3-2012 – The Servant, crowned with glory and honour  (Alan Lowe) Download

 4-3-2012 – How to Win When You’re Losing  (Christine Blackmore) Download 

 26-2-2012 – The Servant Suffers for Us  (David Blackmore) Download

 19-2-2012 – The Sheep and the Goats  (Bob Toan) Download

 12-2-2012 – How do you present Christ?  (Rachel Bathurst) Download

 5-2-2012 – Saul is Baptised (Rob Peters) Download

 29-1-2012 – The Authority of Jesus Words (Mike Gilberton – Archdeacon of ChesterDownload

 22-1-2012 – Extravagant with Jesus (Glyn Jones – The Light Project) Download

 1-1-2012 – Old to New (Rob Peters) Download

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