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Big Questions: Brokenness, Hardship and Suffering

Bec responds to our Big Question about Brokenness, Hardship and Suffering.


  1. Julie Bryant says:

    Thank you Becs, your honest sharing of yourself and impacts some of your sharing has already achieved was so encouraging and a blessing. I have passed this on to our Beckie, who you know and whom you helped in her walk with God, when one of your students. Thank you for being you & the courage in the Lord you also demonstrated by sharing yourself with us. Seeing the family around was such a blessing too. God Bless you all. 💖

  2. Val says:

    Thank you Becs for your honesty and sharing. Not easy – but it’s been so evident what God has been doing in your life and Andy’s through your heartbreaks. Keep shining – cos you do! Xx

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